Australian fur seal

2020 has been a memorable year. One that will change lives and bring fresh perspectives. This year as we work from home across Victoria and indeed, the world, many of us will have developed a greater appreciation of nature, the value of our parks, marine and coastal areas and the importance of a healthy environment to our lives and wellbeing. This #WorldEnvironmentDay as the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability is working on Victoria’s inaugural State of the Marine and Coastal Environment (SMCE) report for release in December 2021, we are launching an 11-week campaign to celebrate Victoria’s marine environment and share insights and spectacular underwater photography (by Dr Julian Finn from Museums Victoria), from our 2016 State of the Bays (SotB) report – the prelude to the Victorian SMCE 2021 report - currently in preparation. Please enjoy our SotB 2016 reflections over the next 11 weeks. Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay2020!

Ornate Cow fish, Western Port

The upcoming SMCE report is a requirement of the Marine and Coastal Act 2018. The Act is designed to protect Victoria's marine and coastal environment now and into the future, enabling protection of the coastline and the ability to address the long-term challenges of climate change, population growth and ageing coastal structures. According to s.37(2) of the Act, the report will include the following information:

  1. The condition of the marine and coastal environment
  2. The environmental, social and economic benefits of the marine and coastal environment;
  3. The threats to the marine and coastal environment. 

Access the full SotB 2016 report and interactive website here.

SOTB 2016

Quick fact

Did you know that Victoria is one of only two jurisdictions in Australia (the other being the ACT) with an independent Commissioner charged with periodic State of the Environment reporting? Read about Victoria’s Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability.


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