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NEWS 23 SEP 2020

Victoria’s Nature Festival virtual tour of Budj Bim

Victoria’s Nature Festival springs into action The first ever Victoria Nature Festival springs into action this week with a diverse range of free, nature-based virtual activities featuring park…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

Making Victoria’s parks more accessible

Standard wheelchairs can’t cope with rugged terrain, which means many parts of Victoria’s parks have been out of bounds to people with limited mobility. Now people visiting many of our parks can book…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

Hungry urchins

Why underwater meadows matter South Gippsland’s Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park, just to the east of Wilsons Prom, is the only place in Victoria with large, unbroken areas of seagrass meadows…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

30 years of renewable energy in Victoria

Past and future performance A 2014 Climate Council report found Victoria and NSW were the only Australian states that had not increased the proportion of renewable energy in their electricity…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

Preserving Victoria's River Red Gum parks

Not just any old tree There are few Australian landscapes more iconic than the River Red Gum forests that line Victoria’s Murray, Ovens and Goulburn rivers. Loved by locals and visitors alike, these…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

More water, more life

In the dry Mallee country in north-western Victoria, the Hattah Lakes are an oasis for native animals who find food and shelter in these wetlands and floodplains. The lakes are filled seasonally by…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

The particulars of plastic

All plastic breaks down into microplastics; every bit of plastic that is manufactured has the potential to end up in our environment. At the moment we know there’s a huge amount of plastic in the…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

Thunderstorm asthma

The environment and our health On 21 November 2016, Melbourne experienced a catastrophic thunderstorm asthma event. 12,723 patients presented at emergency departments across Victoria – 44% more…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

DNA: From crime fighting to wildlife sighting

Understanding is key Australia currently has some of the highest wildlife extinction rates in the world, and Victoria is no exception. As Victoria’s population grows, so too will the threat to our…

STORY 2 JUL 2018

Keeping native bees buzzing

A vital service Native Australian bees are a crucial part of Australia’s ecosystems. They pollinate native plants, some of which can’t be pollinated by introduced species. And studies from the CSIRO…