The report has three parts: Parts 1 and 2 are titled the "Summary Report", and Part 3 is titled "Scientific Assessments".

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  • Report Summary - Victorian State of the Environment 2018 Report
  • Scientific Assessments Section 1: Cultural Landscape Health Management, Climate Change Impacts, Air.
  • Scientific Assessments Section 2: Biodiversity, Land, Forests, Fire.
  • Scientific Assessments Section 3: Marine and Coastal Environments, Water Resources, Water Quality, Waste and Resource Recovery, Transport, Energy, SoE 2018 Climate Change Adaptation Indicators.
  • Table summary of recommendations
  • Indicator Report Card
  • Interim Report
  • Framework for the State of the Environment 2018 Report


Informing the report includes 'The Megatrends and the Victorian State of the Environment 2018' report prepared by Deloitte Access Economics. The report analyses the anticipated key trends that will influence and impact natural capital, and our management of it, in Victoria to 2030 and beyond.


View the Victorian Government's response to the SoE 2018 Report:

  • Government Response






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