On Thursday 11 February 2021, secondary students and teachers were invited to join this senior Victorian forum to explore the opportunities and challenges for girls and women in exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEM).

Get a sneak preview of what lies ahead for young women considering a career in the sciences and join the discussion!

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Event program

10.00am:  Welcome and introduction

10.10am:  Be inspired by speaker's Dr Muneera Bano, Associate Professor Misty Jenkins and Dr Amy Coetsee, to explore the opportunities for careers in STEM.

10.50am:  Panel discussion – Listen to Dr Gillian Sparkes, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Dr Amanda Caples, Victoria’s Lead Scientist, and Dr Andrea Hinwood, Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist.

11.20am:  Virtual open Q & A – Be part of the conversation with our Panellists and Speakers.

12.00pm:  Event concludes


The scientist’s world of enquiry, invention and intervention offers us a wealth of important roles, from protecting threatened species from extinction, to protecting our society from the next pandemic, to shaping the future through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and of artificial intelligence and the way we work in an increasingly automated world.

This event is delivered by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Dr Gillian Sparkes in partnership with the Royal Society of Victoria. The event is a collaboration between the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Dr Gillian Sparkes, Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Dr Amanda Caples and Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist, Dr Andrea Hinwood.

More information

E: info.ces@ces.vic.gov.au


International day for women and girls in service


Quick fact

Did you know that Victoria is one of only two jurisdictions in Australia (the other being the ACT) with an independent Commissioner charged with periodic State of the Environment reporting? Read about Victoria’s Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability.


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