Dr Gillian Sparkes AM has been appointed by recommendation of the Hon. Gayle Tierney, Minister for Skills and TAFE, to the Monash University Council.

Dr Sparkes stated, “I am deeply honoured and grateful to Hon. Gayle Tierney, Minister for Skills and TAFE for this wonderful opportunity to serve as a member of the Monash University Council and through that, the community more broadly.”

Responding to climate change, building thriving communities and achieving geopolitical security are major challenges that are global in their scale and implications. Monash University’s Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, charts the path for how Monash will actively contribute to addressing these global challenges.

“I look forward to working with fellow Council members to support this iconic university to achieve the impact and ambition of Impact 2030,” Dr Sparkes said.

Victoria's public universities are formed under their own Acts. A University Council is the governing body and is specifically accountable to the relevant State and Commonwealth Minister for the fulfilment of the university's role in the Australian community. Council is the governing body of Monash University, established by the Monash University Act 2009.  It is chaired by the Chancellor, currently Mr Simon McKeon AO.  The Deputy Chancellors are Dr Megan Clark AC, The Hon Peter Young AM KC, and Mr John Simpson AM.

Dr Sparkes commenced in the role as Ministerial Appointee to the Monash University Council on 1 January 2024.