The Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability and State of the Environment reporting is governed by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Act 2003. As required by the Act, the former Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability submitted Victoria: State of the Environment 2013 Report to the former Minister for Environment and Climate Change in 2013.

The State of the Environment 2013 Report synthesises five years of environmental monitoring and highlights how the environment was left off the agenda for four years. The report identified climate change as the greatest environmental challenge facing Victoria. The Victorian Government responded, stating it will reposition Victoria as a climate change leader.

Our focus is to restore the health of our environment to support a strong, productive economy and a livable Victoria.

The Commissioner's recommendations regarding biodiversity, climate change and setting targets for managing ecosystem processes and protecting water resources in Victoria, are acknowledged in the Government's Response.

The report’s recommendations will be used to inform the development of the policies of this government in areas such as biodiversity, climate change, waste and resource recovery and fire and emergency management.

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Publication 21 DECEMBER 2013
State of the Environment 2013 Report
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