Seagrass condition

Port Phillip Bay: Baywide extent of seagrasses is relatively constant while there can be large changes in cover in localised areas.

Western Port: Variability in Zostera beds, stable Amphibolis antarctica beds, seagrass in Yaringa Marine National Park in good condition.

Gippsland Lakes: A decline in seagrass extent and an increase in seagrass density have been measured with limited data.

Corner Inlet: Subtidal seagrass extent had varied over time but recent data reveal that it declined on average by 0.5 km2 per year between 1965 and 2013, with algal blooms and turbidity both impacting on light penetration. There is limited data on density and epiphytes.

Western Port, Other Marine and Coastal Areas, Port Phillip Bay, Corner Inlet, All Gippsland Lakes.
Changes in extent; changes in percentage cover, density and epiphytes.