Saltmarsh extent

Port Phillip Bay: About 50% of Port Phillip Bay’s pre-1750s saltmarsh cover of 3710 ha remains today.

Western Port: In Western Port, 90–95% of saltmarsh that once covered 1460 ha remains today.

Gippsland Lakes: Historical mapping of the various lakes indicates that between 80 and 100% of pre-1750s saltmarsh has been retained.

Other marine and coastal areas: Of 30 coastal sectors surveyed and compared to pre-1750 extent, 7 had 35-65% of saltmarsh remaining, 7 were 100% intact, one had expanded to 130% and 14 ranged between 70-95%.

There are insufficient data to determine condition of mangroves.

Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, All Gippsland Lakes, Other Marine and Coastal Areas
Spatial extent