Catchment inputs into coastal waters

Port Phillip Bay: EPA water quality report cards from 2012–13 to 2016–17 for the bay’s catchments showed a higher percentage of catchments with ‘fair’ to ‘very good’ ratings than those with ‘very poor’ to ‘poor’ ratings. Water quality was better in the middle and upper reaches of the catchments.

Western Port: The EPA’s first report card for Western Port in 2016-17 revealed that 78% of the catchment area was rated from ‘very poor’ to ‘fair’ even though water quality in the bay itself was rated as ‘good’.

Other marine and coastal areas: The catchment management authorities (CMAs) with coastal boundaries have rated the condition and water quality of their catchments ‘poor’ (Glenelg; Port Phillip and Westernport), ‘moderate’ (Corangamite; West Gippsland) and ‘good’ (East Gippsland).

Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Catchment Management Authorities, Other Marine and Coastal Areas
Annual load by pollutant, nutrients, water clarity (turbidity), dissolved oxygen, salinity (conductivity), pH, metals