State of the Bays 2016

December 2016

Australia State of the Environment

November 2016

Download chapters of the national report or visit:

Annual report 2015-16

October 2016

State of the Bays Q&A

February 2016

Annual Report 2014-15

October 2015

Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Act 2003

April 2015

The Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Act 2003 sets out the role and function of the Commissioner. The Act is now available here to make it easier for the community and stakeholders to access.

Strategic Audit report 2015

April 2015

Each year, the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability reports on the results of the strategic audit of implementation of the environmental management systems for mandated government departments and agencies. 

Annual report 2013-14

October 2014

Victorian Government Response to the State of the Environment Report 2013

April 2014

Download the full government response to the Victorian State of the Environment Report 2013.

State of the Environment report 2013

November 2013
Download the full report or individual chapters.

State of the Environment report 2013: Supporting documents

November 2013
Download the State of the Environment Framework and Foundation Papers.