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As part of our special series exploring the 13 key themes of the Victorian State of the Environment 2018 report, this week we highlight our chapter on Land and the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability’s Recommendations. The report assesses 13 key indicators including land use, changes in land use, soil erosion and use of best practice on agricultural lands. To improve decision-making across a variety of sectors including agriculture, planning and water management, the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability has recommended that Agriculture Victoria lead the design and delivery of a state soil and land condition monitoring program, that includes analysis of the threats and impacts of land use and land-use change.

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To learn more about the assessment of Land in Victoria, we invite you to read:

A complete Land Indicator Report Card Assessment that summarises the findings. 

PDF iconSoE2018IndicatorReportCard_L.pdf

The Land chapter that provides an in depth scientific assessment. 

PDF iconSoE2018ScientificAssessment_L.pdf

Don't forget to read the Commissioner's Land Recommendations. 

PDF iconSoE2018Recommendations_L.pdf