SoE 2018 Transport

As part of our special series exploring the 13 key themes of the Victorian SoE 2018 Report, this week we highlight our chapter on transport and review the Recommendation.The Transport chapter includes information on Victoria’s air and noise pollution associated with motor vehicles. Our work supports recommendations from the 2016 EPA Inquiry for improved air monitoring, finding that while EPA Victoria monitors air quality alongside a major roadway in Victoria (in Melbourne’s CBD), air quality monitoring needs to be expanded and more research undertaken into transport noise, to improve our understanding of the impact of both air and noise pollution associated with motor vehicles in Victoria. Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Dr Gillian Sparkes has recommended that EPA Victoria and other relevant agencies collaborate to build a transport-related, air and noise monitoring network across Melbourne (with a view to expansion across larger cities in regional Victoria), focusing on monitoring near major transport hotspots that include busy roads, flight paths and along public transport routes, increasing the number of roadside air-monitoring stations and publishing the noise and air data online in real-time.

To learn more about the assessment of Transport in Victoria, check out the following:

A complete Transport Indicator Report Card Assessment summarises the findings PDF iconSoE2018IndicatorReportCard_T.pdf

The Transport chapter provides an in depth scientific assessment PDF iconSoE2018ScientificAssessment_T.pdf

Don't forget to check out the Commissioner's Transport Recommendation PDF iconSoE2018Recommendations_T.pdf

Type: Campaign
Category: Energy, Climate change