SoE 2018 Forests

As part of our special series exploring the 13 key themes of the Victorian SoE 2018 report (SoE), this week we highlight our chapter on Forests and remind readers that for the first time, the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability has also prepared the Victorian State of the Forests report. Together they provide the most comprehensive assessment by the Commissioner of the health of Victoria’s 3.2 million hectares of State forests and 3.7 million hectares of forested parks and reserves and clearly identify knowledge gaps about Victoria’s forests. Recommendations in the SoE 2018 include improved state-wide forest monitoring; the development of the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) spatial information capability and database to ensure it is regularly and routinely updated; and improved assessment of protected areas including the impact of forest fragmentation on biodiversity in native forests. The 2018 SoE report provides a scientific evidence base, and continues to align Victoria with international environmental reporting frameworks. Also visit for an in depth and comprehensive assessment of Victoria's forests.

You can also learn more about the assessment of Victoria's forests through the following resources:

A complete Forests Indicator Report Card Assessment summarises the findings. 

PDF iconSoE2018IndicatorReportCard_F.pdf

The Forest chapter provides an in depth scientific assessment. 

PDF iconSoE2018ScientificAssessment_F.pdf

Don't forget to read the Commissioner's Forest Recommendations. 

PDF iconSoE2018Recommendations_F.pdf