Type: Innovation
Fishermans Bend Goes 4D

On Friday 23 August 2109, The University of Melbourne launched the Victorian Government's first Digital Twin project for Fishermans Bend with the Victorian Minister for Planning, The Hon. Richard Wynne MP. Already three months in to the project, and there are:

  • 1,000 datasets,
  • 60 collaborators,
  • a first high resolution 3D feature object model for the whole precinct,
  • old historic images bought back to life as new 3D data models,
  • first machine learning tree dataset for the precinct, and
  • early experimentation with BIM, augmented and virtual reality.

Fishermans Bend is Australia's largest urban renewal precinct. The Digital Twin platform is already offering government and precinct stakeholders unprecedented capability to protect and enhance Melbourne's unique liveability in the face of rapid population growth and change. It's early days for the project and there's much more to come such as digitised cadastral property parcels, below ground infrastructure, live data streams and more BIM coming up in the next few sprints.

Congratulations to Melissa HarrisAbbas RajabifardJohn Bradley and everyone involved with this important initiative, which as Abbas states, “.... will enable sustainability, and ...... to explore solutions to bridging the gap between the Physical and Virtual World.” This is essential in our pursuit of sustainable development and the SDGs 2030

To learn more about Fishermans Bend Digital Twin, check out the launch event