Victoria's first Climate Science Report 2019


Victoria's first Climate Science Report 2019 has been released.  The report is a legislative requirement every five years under the Victorian Climate Change Act 2017.  

Victoria’s Climate Science Report 2019 provides a synthesis of the best available climate change science and its implications for Victoria. The report helps the Victorian community understand the likely impacts of climate change. The report summarises the knowledge gained from the Victorian Government’s ongoing investment in climate science, such as the Victorian Climate Projections 2019 and the Victorian Water and Climate Initiative, as well as research from academic institutions. 

It explains that Victoria’s climate has changed under the influence of both natural variability and global warming:   

  • Victoria’s climate is projected to continue to get hotter and drier.   
  • Snowfall in the Victorian Alps will continue to decline.    
  • Sea levels will continue to rise along the Victorian coast.     
  • Victorians will experience more extreme events - hot days and intense rainfall events.
  • The number of very high fire danger days will likely continue to rise, with a longer fire season.

Click here to access a full electronic copy of this report, or visit the Climate Science Report 2019 website.