Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017-2027

The Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability welcomes the release of the Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017-2027 by the Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio.
The Plan builds on the findings Victoria’s first State of the Bays report, released by the Commissioner in December 2016. Together the report and the plan provide the scientific baseline and management actions to help guide actions and investments over the next decade and ensure the health of Port Phillip Bay.
The Plan identifies 21 actions over seven priority areas to deliver on three goals: improved stewardship of the bay, improved water quality and protected marine biodiversity. A key objective is that the bay is valued and cared for by all Victorians and that we share responsibility for maintaining the health of the bay across community, industry and government. The Plan emphasises the broader benefits healthy bay ecosystems contribute to a thriving economy, recreation, tourism and the liveability of Victorians.