New roadmap for waste planning

From the Commissioner

The landmark Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure plan developed by Sustainability Victoria will assist local government and industry to deliver the right waste infrastructure in each region, resulting in increased recovery of resources across the state and fewer, better managed landfills.

It is the first time Victoria has had a long-term plan to guide the development and management of its waste and resource recovery needs. It plans for waste and recycling as an essential service to the community, and will ensure we have an integrated, statewide waste and resource recovery system into the future.

Seven Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans (RWRRIPs) will be established in consultation with communities, local councils and industry to capture the needs and priorities of each region, and identify business opportunities.

Detailed community consultation will be undertaken on the development of seven regional plans.

People are encouraged to register their interest on the development of the plans and other consultation opportunities at

More information and the full SWRRIP is available at