National State of the Environment Reporting Forum

Wilson's Promontory

Putting the audience front and centre when preparing and delivering reports, and driving continual evolution to meet an increasing range of demands,  is the clear message from the recent meeting of the National State of the Environment Reporting Forum.

Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Dr Gillian Sparkes said the forum also considered Queensland’s web-based, data-driven  model, along with early stage development of the framework for the 2018 Victorian report, which will be a focus of work Dr Sparkes' work this year.

The forum has met twice a year since its establishment in 2010. It provides an opportunity for all jurisdictions to work together by sharing ideas and advice on reporting processes and future directions.

 “Key to the discussion was the need to continually improve reporting, keeping it relevant and appropriately resourced,” Dr Sparkes said.

“There is a bold future for State of the Environment reporting.  It’s based on connecting the community and other users with the incredibly rich data that is collected and seeing it put to productive and meaningful use for the benefit of the community.”

The next National State of the Environment Reporting Forum will be held in Melbourne in September.

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Image: markandsandy