Leadbeater's Possum interactive map


The report shows progress in the protection of  Leadbeater’s Possum  based on a number of  milestones delivered over the past 12 months.

These include a total of 116 Leadbeater’s Possum colonies detected in the Central Highlands, including 71 new Leadbeater’s Possum colonies in State forest. Initial monitoring also found Leadbeater’s Possums nesting in artificially created hollows, constructed by specialist arborists. Leadbeater’s Possum nests were also found in 60 nest boxes, an occupancy rate of 25%

Dr Sparkes said the new interactive map was an example of using digital platforms to encourage citizen's to engage in science.

"I would  encourage those interested in protecting the precious Leadbeater's Possum to log-in and keep informed on how efforts to protect Leadbeater's Possum are progressing," Dr Sparkes said.