EIANZ speech discusses high-impact reporting

From the Commissioner
Dr Gillian Sparkes at EIANZ AGM

"It is not enough to analyse the problem. We must be in the business of helping to deliver solutions”, the Commissioner told members at the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand AGM in Melbourne last night. The Commissioner took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of continuing to invest in science and embrace new technologies and ways of working together, to better understand, communicate and take practical action to protect and enhance our environment.

"As environmental reporters we know we must continue to evolve and innovate to increase the impact and public value of our work”, Dr Gillian Sparkes told colleagues. “Collaborating with the science community and adapting to new methods of working to influence key decision makers and increase the impact and public value of our work in real time is critical.” Reports alone and recommendations addressed in five or six yearly cycles don’t cut it. Our methods of influencing practical action must adapt to the pace of change and life in 2017.

Dr Sparkes shared scientific investigations conducted since the release of the State of the Bays report in December 2016 and consistent with the future priorities identified in that report, to demonstrate the impact that reforms outlined in the Commissioner’s State and Benefit framework are now having to improve outcomes for the environment and community.