Discussing the UN SDGs at the futureAUS Coworking Summit


Team members for the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Andrew Marshall, Jack Coates-Marnane and Kangmin Moon took part in a workshop on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the futureAUS Coworking Summit in Torquay, Victoria on September 4.

The team presented insights from the 2018 Victorian State of the Environment (SoE) Report and outlined opportunities for environmental and SDGs reporting at a local level as part of a workshop with urban-data startup Neighbourlytics. It was a great afternoon sharing insights – presenting our work and learning from local government delegates and co-hosts Neighbourlytics – in the context of the week’s agenda defining the “future of work, life and cities”. Lots of opportunities were uncovered for environmental and SDG reporting at the local scale. The OCES team also outlined why the SDGs are the missing link for Victoria’s State of Environment reporting framework.