Report Framework

The framework Science, Policy and People: State of the Environment Reporting 2013, Victoria was tabled in the Parliament of Victoria on 7 November 2010.

The framework will see the integration of human voices and community perspectives with quality climate science to provide a Report that is a useful and meaningful basis to guide policy development.

It will also provide a Report that will enable Victorians to understand how our environment and biodiversity are changing and the challenges and opportunities for a more sustainable future.

Key points in the framework are:

  • A broader audience. The aim of SoE reporting in Victoria is to inform & empower the Victorian community and assess & influence government.

  • A new model of inquiry. Victoria is moving beyond the DPSIR (driving forces, pressures, states, impacts, responses) model of inquiry to better integrate social sciences perspectives.

  • Timely reporting. Three foundation papers will be prepared and released (Climate Change, Biodiversity and Land, Water and the Environment) which will inform the final SoE report.

  • Integrating different knowledge. Knowledge from the social science disciplines, including economics, will inform the foundation papers and final report, in addition to traditional scientific/quantitative data.

  • Broad consultation. Significant input from the community and business will be sought as well as data holders across government and portfolio partners.

  • Strategic proposals. A select number of strategic proposals will be offered to government as compared to a ‘list’ of detailed recommendations.

SoE 2013 Framework [PDF File - 558.9 KB]