State of Environment Victoria 2013

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The next State of the Environment (SoE) report for Victoria has now been released:

State of the Environment (SoE) 2013 report

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In the lead up to the publication of the 2013 Report, the Commissioner released three individual, yet interlinked, Foundation Papers on the themes of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Land and Water.

The three Foundation Papers serve as the basis for the SoE Report and provide rigorous scientific examination of the state of the natural environment and trends over time. Through an extensive program of community engagement these papers will by enriched through the consideration of economic and social perspectives and local knowledge.

The Framework

Report Framework - Science, Policy and People: State of the Environment Reporting 2013

SoE Foundation Papers released

2012 Climate Change
2013 Biodiversity and Land
2013 Water

Work to date

  • Throughout 2011 the Commissioner undertook extensive regional tours across Victoria to understand the needs of local communities as well as sustainability activities that are happening on the ground. Community engagement is a key strategy in the development of the reporting products for this Foundation Paper.

  • In March 2011 the first bi-annual Intensive was held, as part of the SoE Engagement Program. Discussion from this Intensive is incorporated into the Climate Change Foundation Paper development.

  • In November 2011 the second Intensive, Sustainability Re-imagined, was held. This Intensive was a seminal point in the development of the Foundation Paper – as it drew many leaders, and other experts, into a forum to focus specifically on the policy and management responses to address the key climate risks. The insights gained from Sustainability Re-imagined will not only inform the Climate Change Foundation Paper but also commence critical discussions as the Office works with its colleagues and stakeholders to develop the strategic proposals of the State of the Environment Report, 2013. A report Sustainability Re-Imagined workshop summary report [PDF File - 913.8 KB] was published shortly after the event.

  • During 2012 we convened 10 Expert reference Groups and established a Strategic Perspectives Think Tank to assist with the development of the SOE.