State of the Environment Victoria 2008

Victoria’s first comprehensive State of the Environment Report, was published in 2008, covers a wide range of environmental issues of relevance to Victorians.

This report sets a baseline against which future progress can be measured. Indicators of environmental health are presented in the context of the drivers of change and direct pressures on the environment. The consequences of the current condition of the environment are considered. Current management responses to the issues are described and the Commissioner offers recommendations for improving Victoria’s environment.

The report is published in five main parts:

Part 1 Introduction provides an overview of the content, introduces some key concepts, and describes roles and responsibilities for managing Victoria’s environment.

Part 2 Driving Forces considers some of the main drivers that influence environmental change.

Part 3 Production, Consumption and Waste investigates our consumption patterns and identifies how our use and management of energy, water and materials acts as a direct pressure on the environment..

Part 4 State of the Environment presents the current state of the environment in four chapters, Atmosphere, Land and Biodiversity, Inland Waters, and Coasts, Estuaries and the Sea.

Part 5 Living Well Within Our Environment considers the complex interactions between issues covered throughout the report and presents some recommendations for future action by government and the community.

Report Summary

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State of Environment Victoria 2008 Fact Sheet Series

Each section has been summarised into a Fact Sheet which details the key findings and government actions that are being undertaken to address the issue, as well as some practical examples individuals can take to help the environment. The fact sheets synthesise sections of the 2008 report and were current at the time of publication. Since then, the nature of the issues discussed may have changed and this should be taken into account when using the fact sheets.

State of the Envrionment Victoria 2008 Fact Sheets