Reports under the Act

Since 2003, all Victorian Government departments, as well as the Environment Protection Authority and Sustainability Victoria, have been required to implement Environmental Management Systems to reduce the environmental impact of their office-based activities. Environmental performance data is reported by these departments and agencies in annual reports, as required by the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Financial Reporting Direction 24C.

Environmental Management Systems are reviewed annually by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability to provide a strategic and public evaluation of the way the Victorian Government’s departments and agencies are addressing the urgent needs of climate change and other environmental concerns. In addition, these departments and agencies are required to have their Environmental Management Systems independently audited biennially.

Current Strategic Audit Report

Doing Sustainability: Environmental management systems in Victorian Government
Strategic Audit 2012-13 [PDF File - 2.7 MB]

Previous Strategic Audit Reports

Co-benefits: the rise of environmental profit and loss, Environmental management systems in Victorian Government 2011-12
Strategic Audit 2013 [PDF File - 1.9 MB]

Sustainability - designed to be signed, sealed and delivered, Environmental management systems in the Victorian Government January 2012 Strategic Audit 2012 [PDF File - 1.4 MB]

Structures for Sustainability 2011 report Strategic Audit 2011 [PDF File - 4.6 MB]

Addressing our Future 2010 report Strategic Audit Report 2010 [PDF File - 791.6 KB]

The Commissioner’s Strategic Audit report archive