Local Government and Environmental Sustainability

The Commissioner's Act includes the objective of encouraging the Victorian and local governments to adopt sound environmental practices and procedures.

Both State Government and local government in Victoria play an important role in promoting environmental sustainability.

State Government

The Commissioner engages with the Victorian State Government on a number of environmental sustainability issues.

A key function of the Commissioner is to undertake a Strategic Audit on Victorian Government departments and agencies environmental management systems.

Local government

The Commissioner engages with local government in across regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Local councils make a difference through planning regulations, waste management, recycling, stormwater management, transport planning, community education, public land management and the delivery of specific environmental programs. They also make a valuable contribution through reducing their own day-to-day environmental impact by green purchasing and reducing waste, water, energy and paper use.

In 2010, the Commissioner undertook a project in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria to investigate the use, opportunities and constraints of State of the Environment reporting in local government in Victoria. Refer the project report.